Yatay is a brand where it creates shoes which ‘embrace the environment through ethical practices and innovation’. It uses Eco materials such as wood, corn, rubber and bio polyols that are the main ingredients.  Yatay the brand is committed since 2018 in producing  Eco sustainable green high quality  manufactured sneakers.  Yatay is also partnered with No More Plastic, a non-profit Foundation, where Yatay revolution called #WalkWithUs is  to raise awareness of the problem.  The main aim of the project is to ensure that the environment like the oceans is protected from the respect of buying environmentally friendly shoes.


In the project, for Yatay I designed website pages for their blog that carry  facts and details to inform and raise awareness of the problem. The refreshing  website designed with photography and the typographic layout makes it captivating  to users. As a result it is to support the campaign concern and help the brand mission.


800 px x 626 px     


Alegreya Sans