Tate Modern Claude Monet Waterlily


Claude Monet was a French impressionist painter. Monet paintings was ‘combining a sense of the fluidity of water, the shifting patterns of reflected sky, and the plants floating in this ambiguous space’. Monet explored the subject in the 1890s. Hence he painted in large canvases creating many variation.


Additionally, in this project I have designed a zine for the exhibition ‘Lose yourself in Monet's immersive waterlily paintings’ for the art gallery of Tate Modern. This zine will help you guide through his extraordinary work to see at the exhibition. It can also be brought from the Tate Modern shop, where you can look back at Claude Monet’s Waterlily paintings designed to help you to recall on the exhibition.      


210 mm x 300 mm


Cormorant Garamond