Stella Stan Smith Adidas 


Stella Stan Smith Adidas is a vegan, leather free and is 100% recycled polyester trainers. 

The main aim of this project is to ensure the environment is being kept healthy from the environmental positive impact it can make from buying trainers which are environmentally friendly such as the Stella Stan Smith Adidas.  As ‘Stella #stansmith is back refreshed with

a new, light colour palette’.  


Therefore, in this project I gave Stella Stan Smith Adidas a visual identity and designed website pages and public posters that carry facts and information to inform and raise awareness of the problem. It has accompanying videos in with animation and the music which is integrated with the given bright, rainbow gradient detailing logo. This as result supports  the expression of the trainers and the Eco friendly impact it makes to the environment.        


800 px x 900 px  


Minion Pro