Bikeup is a bicycle company that allows people to find it simple to use their bikes in any outdoor places such as when they're travelling.  As a result this supports people to stay connected in keeping the environment and themselves polluted free. This is also a way to let users make them to cohere with nature and help it to preserve its natural environment. The Bikeup bike is not just an ordinary bike, it's an inspiration to let users create many healthy journeys using the

Bikeup bicycle.    

Additionally, I gave Bikeup a visual identity and created a video using mainly Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and animated poster. In the video it shows captions with the directing and the videography of a conversation of what the brand Bikeup focuses on. It makes a clear awareness on showing how it can help people and the environment to essentially stay and be healthier.  


H. 264, 3840 x 2160          


Amulhed Demo and Bradley Hand