Adidas x Parley


Adidas x Parley is a partnership which ‘intercepts plastic before it enters the oceans and turns

it into high-performance sportswear’. The main aim of this project is to secure the

environment, predominately the oceans from preventing it having any plastic particles

being entered to it.


In the project for Adidas x Parley, I designed public posters and created a video that carry out information and raise awareness of the issue. This is about the partnership of Adidas x Parley of their mission to use 100% recycled polyester in the products by 2024 using high performance recycled material made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic. The video in with the music, the animation and posters are both absorbing to see. It is combined with striking photography and videography of the real life of the oceans.  This reminds that oceans is much more than a body of water and so to conserve it and life that inhabits in it such as the sea animals. Therefore, this

is to support the campaign concern and support the achievement of Adidas x Parley's mission.


297 mm x 420 mm     


GT Walsheim Pro